Benefits of Eid


Benefits of Eid

In The Name of Allāh, The Merciful, The Compassionate

1. Eid is a special emblem or sign of Islām by which our servitude to God, may He be exalted, is made manifest.

2. It is called Eid because it ‘returns’ every year with a refreshed sense of happiness and joy.

3. Similar ideas of Eid are found in other nations because it is in our nature as human beings to seek happiness.

4. Our Eid, however, is to remember God, may He be exalted, to be pleased with His bounties, and to seek His proximity. For us, there are three Eids: the Friday of every week and the two Eid’s of al-Fiṭr and al-Ḍuḥā.

6. Both Eids follows the completion of two pillars of Islam: Eid al-Fiṭr for the fasting of Ramaḍhān and Eid al-Ḍuḥā for the completion of Ḥajj and the day of ‘Arafah.

7. One of the great deeds of Eid al-Fịtr is to give the Ṣadaqah al-Fiṭr as a means of making amends for our shortcoming in fasting and to feed the needy.

8. From the Sunnah of Eid is the takbīr. The takbīr commences from the moment the sun sets on the night of Eid until the Imām appears for the Eid prayer. The Sunnah is to recite it with a raise voice (for men). The formula is as follows (three times):

الله أَكْبَُر، الله أَكْبَُر، لا إلَهَ إِلاَّ الله، والله أَكْبَُر، الله أَكْبَُر، ولله الحَمْدُ

Alternatively, one can recite:

الله أَكْبَُر كبيرًا،الله أَكْبَُر كبيرًا، الله الله أَكْبَُر وأجلُّ، الله أَكْبَُر ولله الحَمْد

9. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم would beautify, adorn, apply perfume to himself. To wear the choicest of ones clothes, which consist of the most beautiful, cleanest or newest garments, even if they are not white.

10. To greet one another with the best of manners and kinds word such as:

تقبَّل الله منَّا ومنكم

“May Allah accept it from and from you”

عيد مبارك

“A very happy and blessed Eid”

11. To have a bath and use a miswāk before the prayer (ideally one should bath between fajr and the Eid prayer), to eat something sweet like dates before you go (and odd amount), and to walk it.

12. To take a different route returning home from the one taken to the Eid prayer.

13. Visit relatives, close friends, share gifts and maintain bonds of mutual respect and love.

14. Enjoy the day with your family children.

We ask Allah to adorn our days with His obedience, and to fill our homes and hearts with joy, contentment by His blessings, and that He accepts from us and from the believers. Amīn.

Maulana Haroon Sidat