Diary : Rohingya Aid Distribution Trip – Jan 2018

Brother Ayaz from Lammack,  has travelled with the charity, ‘Mountain of Mercy’, to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh on 21st January.   He has sent updates while he and the ‘Mountain of Mercy’ team distributed the aid that yourselves and many others have kindly given to alleviate the enormous suffering being experienced by the ethnic Rohingya of Myanmar :


23 Jan 2018


Alhamdulillah we arrived yesterday, It was a 27 hour travel to get to the hotel since we set off.

Arrived at hotel at 5:30pm uk time Monday.

We are 6 hours ahead of you.

Alhamdulillah it’s nice clean hotel and food options are good.

Just prayed Fajr, going for breakfast and then setting off in next hour to the visit the camps In Shaa ALLAH.

Will let you know how it goes…

Slmz to everyone.


24 Jan 2018

Slmz All,

We witnessed first hand experience today in the Kutu Palong camp.

As soon as we arrived, the Rohingya muslims gathered to give as wall welcome, MashaALLAH.

They have nothing to offer us in this temporary place they call ‘home’ but a Salaam and a smile.

The situation is beyond imagination, the stories and videos do not show justification of the horrific living conditions these people are experiencing whilst showing patience … a much needed reality check for us all.

Met some Urdu speaking refugees, the stories would bring tears to your eyes and appreciate what we take for granted. The suffering and what memories they have to live with is something we could never comprehend.

Alhamdulillah a distribution of 500 food parcels was done with addition of a big warm blanket and sweets.

All the kind donations from everyone is being utilised in a great way Alhamdulillah.

We cannot take away the physical pain or the mental scars, we can’t offer them much but anyone can see this is s humanitarian crises

We have pictures and videos to share which will follow once we have filtered and agreed on what is appropriate to share.

These people are in greater need than we think. At the very minimum we need to remember them in duaas daily.

More updates later In Shaa ALLAH.


24 Jan 2018


Slmz all,

It was a very busy day for the MOM team today. Travelled 2h30 to the borders of Cox’s Bazaar, very close to the Myanmar border – place called Teknaf, Shamlapur.

This camp suffered an elephant stampede 2 days ago with s few injuries and a few casualties along with distraction of the camp (partially).

We aimed to distribute 500 food parcels. We will be visiting there again tomorrow for distribution.

Close by is an orphans only centre deep within the borders, Alhamdulillah we managed to make our way in and distribute sweets and small toys for the children (around 200).

We took a visit into Kutupalong, and were greeted by children.

We distributed 120kg of sweet packets donated by various children’s organisations from our locality, MashaALLAH.

A long bit extremely productive day Alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow we will return for the food distributions which were postponed today, followed by a Quran distribution to the MOM mosque in the camps In Shaa ALLAH.

Apologies for photos and videos, connection issues will not permit uploads.

Jzkl for all your duaas.

26 Jan 2018


Alhamdulillah we visited the camp in Teknaf, Shamlapur to distribute 200 food parcels.

The camp was an influx of new Rohingya refugee arrivals.

The distribution consisted of basic food ingredients for a family, blanket, mosquito net and a torch.

We met with Rohingya muslims who hadn’t eaten for 4/5 days, including women with young babies.

A reality check for us all to appreciate the ready availability of what we desire to eat at a click of a button, Alhamdulillah.

These people are in a far worse situation than we can imagine – duaas are greatly requested.

Tomorrow we will be praying jumma with the Rohingya muslims in the camps, followed by a hot meal distribution for 3000 people, In Shaa ALLAH.